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This page covers the installation and use of this system on your server. You can get information by opening this page when you have any problems. For other questions and comments, you can visit the website.

How to Install

Prepare Your Server!

  1. Install the AppServ application for the MYSQL Database on your server.
  2. During the required installation steps, must definitely set the MYSQL Database password.
  3. Then type cmd in the search section of your Windows server and login. The screen that comes up is a Windows Command Line.
  4. Type and apply the following commands on the command line, respectively.
  5. CMD Installation Commands

  6. cd C:/AppServ/MySQL/bintype and press enter.
  7. mysql.exe -u root -p type and press enter..
  8. Type the password you set during the installation process and press enter.
  9. connect mysql type and press enter.
  10. update user set Host = '%' where User = 'root'; type and press enter.
  11. flush privileges;type and press enter.
  12. and finally quit You made the MYSQL connection settings of your server by typing.

Setup 2

After making the settings in setup 1, minor changes are required on your database.

Trade the database of your server as shown in the animation below.

Please get your Database Backup before starting the process.

Prepare Your Information

Prepare us with the following information for your panel.

						Your Server's IP Address:
                          Your server's MYSQL Database Password:
                         Username You Are Registered In The System:

Send Your Information To Us

You can send your information through the live support channel. The maximum response time is 1 or 2 business days.

Free Usage

Free CFX Panel account is a reference account membership for all FiveM server owners with limited features

Only Free Account features are active in this version. You must donate for all features.

Free Terms of Use

Manage your server from your home, workplace and all your devices!

  1. Subscribe to, the International FiveM Forum
  2. Report your registered membership name to via live support.
  3. Open CFX Admin channel in your current DISCORD Server
  4. You need to write CFX Admin to appear on the server list.
  5. If you follow these conditions, you can obtain Free Use.

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